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Garfield Park Conservatory Campus Map

Please roll over the points of interest on the map for further information. The Garfield Park Conservatory celebrated its Grand Re-Opening in April 2015. The Fern Room, Desert House and Show House have all reopened after requiring renovations due to severe damage in a June 30, 2011 hailstorm that shattered thousands of panes of glass. Come explore our eight spectacular display houses and stunning outdoor gardens.

CHILDREN'S GARDEN: The Elizabeth Morse Genius Children's Garden provides a fun indoor setting for families and children. A giant vine with larger-than-life sized roots, and a giant seed, leaves and flower provide opportunities for children to play while learning about plants. More ‣

DEMONSTRATION GARDEN: A beautiful city-lot-sized working garden, to learn about community and organic gardening in Chicago. Theme areas inside demonstrate urban agriculture, beekeeping, composting and other techniques. More ‣

QUAKING ASPENS: Description coming soon!

PLAY & GROW GARDEN: We invite families with children ages 0-8 to visit the garden during its open hours to build, imagine, and challenge themselves. Kids can experiment with pebbles, make mud pies, walk the stump obstacle course, or make music on a wooden xylophone. More ‣

DESERT HOUSE: This exhibit house holds a varied collection of cacti and succulents. These plants owe their popularity to their spectacular and unique forms, the promise of brilliant, short-lived flowers and their ability to withstand harsh, dry conditions. More ‣

AROID HOUSE: Indoor gardeners are sure to find something familiar here; many aroids are popular houseplants. A variety of aroids growing in a landscape setting are on display. A spectacular feature is the "Persian Pool", sixteen yellow glass lily pads surrounding a serene lagoon. More ‣

SUGAR FROM THE SUN: Stroll through four exotic botanical environments to discover how right now, inside every leaf, plants are capturing sunlight and using it to change small parts of air and water into sugar – the energy that sustains life on Earth. More ‣

SHOW HOUSE: This room is the site of spectacular flower shows each year: the Spring, Summer, and Holiday Shows. All of the plant material displayed in the shows is grown at the Conservatory. More ‣

HORTICULTURE HALL: Named one of Chicago's top ten event venues, this rental space sparkles with holiday lights and blooms with festive flowers and greenery. This room houses bistro tables for the public to sit and enjoy the greenery around them or have a snack. More ‣

FERN ROOM: Jens Jensen, who designed the Conservatory in 1906, wanted to give visitors a glimpse of what Illinois might have looked like millions of years ago. Lush ferns, rocky outcroppings and an indoor lagoon evoke a swampy prehistoric landscape. More ‣

MONET GARDEN: Originally created as an indoor display for the 2000 Flower and Garden Show, the award-winning garden Monet Garden is an adaptation of impressionist painter Claude Monet’s garden in France, and was subsequently transplanted to the Conservatory. More ‣

PALM HOUSE: Designed as an idealized tropical landscape, it's where graceful palms, interspersed with a variety of other tropicals, soar up to a vaulted ceiling featuring a massive Scheelea Palm, probably the largest of its kind in any conservatory in the country. More ‣

CITY GARDEN: A dramatic garden is waiting for you in the “backyard” of the Conservatory. The City Garden integrates the city through and through. Urban hardy plantings, garden “communities” that meld easily one to the next, and recycled bits of cityscape. More ‣

JENSEN ROOM: The Jensen Room is available for rental and is ideal for meetings and retreats, school group lunches, birthday parties, baby and wedding showers, and as a catering space for wedding receptions and other dinners. Call Joan Colon at 312-746-5250 for rental information.

ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE: Closed to Conservatory visitors and the general public, the Garfield Park Conservatory administrative offices are staffed by the Chicago Park District and the Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance.

COMMUNITY ROOM: The Community Room is available for rental and is ideal for meeting and retreats, school group lunches, birthday parties, and baby and wedding showers. Call Joan Colon at 312-746-5250 for rental information.

MAIN ENTRANCE: The Garfield Park Conservatory is located at 300 N Central Park Ave., Chicago, IL. Visitors using wheelchairs and those who are otherwise unable to climb stairs may enter the Conservatory at the Main Entrance via the North or South ramps.

CLASSROOM: The Classroom is the site of many workshops and lectures presented by the Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance, and is the location of monthly Chicago Bonsai Society and Chicago Area Origami Society programs.

BLUESTONE TERRACE: Our Bluestone Terrace show how plants can be used to soften and enhance an expanse of stone. It is perfect for enjoying a picnic, or even holding a wedding!

BLUE GLASS: Description coming soon!

BUTTERFLY GARDEN: Description coming soon!

GIFT SHOP: The Gift Shop features hand-crafted botanical arts made with real specimens from the Conservatory’s plant collection, potted plants from the Conservatory’s Desert House, Aroid Room and other exhibits, beautiful books and tasty chocolates. More ‣

LABYRINTH: Our labyrinth is a winding walk whose single path leads to a central core. It can be enjoyed by children and adults looking to relax their senses.

SENSORY GARDEN: Outside the doors from Sugar from the Sun, this garden features raised plant beds that allow you to more easily enjoy plantings with all of your senses.

LILY POND: Enjoy the upper and lower Lily Ponds in the City Garden when they are bursting with lilies in the summer. These ponds are separated by a bridge that gives you a birds-eye view.

BEE HIVES: Curious about bees and beekeeping? The Conservatory is the proud home of multiple bee hives and an active beekeeping program. Browse the Frowing and Green Living page for upcoming beekeeping classes being offered. More ‣

FREE PARKING: Free Parking is just south of the Conservatory's main entrance. More ‣


12 Acres

The Conservatory encompasses a total of 12 acres, including indoor display houses and outdoor gardens. The Garfield Park Conservatory is one of the top 5 largest Conservatories in the country.

160,000 People

Over 160,000 people visit the Conservatory each year, and the number increases every year. The Conservatory welcomed visitors from all 50 states and 34 foreign countries in 2013.

10,000 Species

The Conservatory has about 10,000 varieties of plants in its collection, including about 40 species of palm trees, 150 species of ferns, and 600 species of cacti and succulents.