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First Week of Each Month, June through September



Goats at Work

First week of each month, June through September
Hours: All Conservatory Hours
Where: Prairie Hill in City Garden
Cost: Free


The Garfield Goats are back! People and goats have lived side-by-side for over 10,000 years, and today’s city dwellers are starting to realize the benefits. The goats that reside part-time at Garfield Park Conservatory belong to a Westside Chicago resident who is experimenting with how small farm animals benefit the urban landscape and our lives in the city. Come visit and see them at work mowing our big backyard! (Goats will browse during open Conservatory hours, depending on weather and goat health.)


The Garfield Goats are scheduled to be at the Conservatory on the following dates this summer:


• July 6th through 12th

• August 3rd through 9th

• September 7th through 13th