• Group Visits

Group Visits

Group Visits for Schools, Adults and Community Organizations

Garfield Park Conservatory is a green wonder under glass and a great place for groups of all ages to explore. Schools, camps, youth groups, college classes, social service groups, clubs and other adult groups can all take advantage of the historic and botanic beauty of the Conservatory at no cost. That’s right - your basic self-guided field trip is still FREE!

Group Visit Hours

School, Camp & Other Youth Groups

  • Tuesday – Friday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm (arrival times)
  • We do not schedule school and youth group visits for Mondays.
  • Some afternoon and weekend visits available. Contact us for more information.

Adult Groups

  • Every Day 9:00 am – 3:30 pm (arrival times)


Group Visit Registration Form

All schools and groups of 10 or more people must pre-register for their visit.

It’s easy! Please click the button below to request a visit. Complete and submit the form provided. We will get back to you within one week about the status of your request.



Conservatory Scavenger Hunts (Free)

Download one of our FREE Conservatory Scavenger Hunt PDFs for your next visit! Scavenger Hunts help organize and focus children on particular plants and are an excellent opportunity to practice observational skills. Click Here for complete information on the current available English and Spanish scavenger hunts. All hunts are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core. We will continue to add additional hunts throughout the year so visit regularly to explore new themes and plants.

Registration and Payment

Pre-Registration is required – please register early!

All groups of 10 or more people must pre-register for their visit to the Conservatory. If your group arrives at the Conservatory without pre-registering and we are at capacity, you may be asked to wait or even reschedule your visit. We recommend contacting us at least 3 weeks ahead of time. Early registration has the best choice for visit dates and resource availability. By registering early, you can also take advantage of our discount rates. Please note that pre-registering does not guarantee you will get your first visit date choice. Our Registrar will respond to you within one week to confirm your final visit date.

  • Cost

    A basic self-guided visit to the Conservatory is free and no payment is necessary if that’s all your group has planned for your visit. If you reserve scavenger hunts, a lunch room, or if you sign up for a program, payment is due on or before the day of your visit.

  • Discount Rates

    Your group can receive a discounted rate for resources such as paid scavenger hunts and lunchroom rentals if you pay at least one week prior to the day of your visit.

  • Payment Methods

    PHONE: We can take credit card payments over the phone.

    MAIL: We will accept checks by mail. Envelopes must be postmarked by one week prior to receive the discount rate.

    DAY OF VISIT: If you decide to pay on the day of your visit, we will accept cash, check or credit cards.

    PURCHASE ORDER: We will accept a copy of your organization’s PO as a placeholder for your payment. Please note, in order for the discount rates to apply for your group, we must have a copy of the purchase order at least 1 week prior to your visit.

Group Visit Options

The Conservatory’s tropical and desert plant collections and outdoor gardens contain many possibilities for a field trip. Whether you’re studying plant science, food production, geography, art, history or just looking for a unique experience, you’re guaranteed to find something for your group.

Please note – at this time, we do not offer guided tours of the Conservatory for school groups. We offer guided tours for adult groups, at a rate of $12 per person, dependent upon guide availability. View our Tours page for more details.

  • Option 1: Self-Guided Tour (Free)

    All of our field trips are self-guided. Upon arrival, school and youth groups are required to receive a brief orientation and introduction to the Conservatory. If we have available staff, we can also provide orientations for adult groups upon request. After checking in with us, you will be on your own to explore the Conservatory and its treasures. Please note - we require all school, camp and youth groups to provide a minimum of 1 adult per 10 students.

  • Option 2: Scavenger Hunts

    All groups have the option of enhancing their visit with a scavenger hunt focused on plants and other features of the Conservatory. Each month, we offer a free scavenger hunt, but we have a variety of themed hunts that can be purchased.

    Scavenger Hunt Theme Age Fee*
    Scavenger Hunt of the Month Varies All FREE
    Conservatory Picture Hunt General PreK/K $10 for 30
    Candy Land Tropical Treats All $10 for 30
    La Loteria de mi Tierra Spanish All $10 for 30

    *You can receive a discount on these hunts by paying early! See our Registration and Payment section for details.

  • Option 3: Lunchroom Rentals

    Many groups rent a classroom or meeting space at the Conservatory for a more private lunch space or gathering area . These spaces are limited and will be rented out on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please register extra early if you need a space.

    If you are planning to eat lunch here during your visit to the Conservatory, you may wish to rent a lunchroom. Free indoor space to eat lunch is very limited and is available on a first come, first served basis. During warm weather, we have plenty of lawn space available that can be utilized by groups at no charge.

    Large groups (over 60) are strongly recommended to rent a lunchroom. These lunchroom spaces are also limited and will be rented out on a first-come, first-serve basis. We can accommodate up to 100 students at a time in our largest lunchroom. Groups larger than 100 will need to eat in shifts. Please register extra early if you need a space.

    School & Youth Group Rates

    # of Students Rates*
    30 $40
    60 $60
    90 $80
    120 $100
    150 $120

    Adult Group Rates

    # of Adults Rates*
    30 $50
    60 $100

    *You can receive a discount on room rentals by paying early! See our Registration and Payment section for details.

Group Visit Policies and Procedures

We ask that teachers and group leaders familiarize themselves with the procedures and policies around group field trips to the Conservatory. To ensure a successful group visit, please take the time to carefully read the documents below and share relevant information with chaperones and the rest of your group.

The above documents contain information about the following aspects of scheduling and planning your field trip:

  • Document Aspects

    • Registration

    • Chaperones

    • Payments

    • Cancellations & Refunds

    • Unloading & Parking Buses

    • Emergency Procedures

    • Respect for People, Property & Plants

    • Recreational Equipment

    • Group Gathering Places

    • Coat Storage

    • Food & Drinks

    • Group Behavior Issues

    • How to Visit the Conservatory